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Happy Summer!

school's out



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Updates and stuff!


Oh my god. It's been like almost 2 months since I made a update to this page. Well i'm doing great now that I've finished school! I have been watching anime recently, I think I will make a page about it about what i've been watching. Summertime is a great time to relax and enjoy the beauty outside, so have fun this month!
I also think I need to remake the website layout. hmm.


Hello everyone! I'm editing this html I hope it works :P. Anyways, It is nice to see that somehow 5,000+ people clicked on this page. Its been almost a month since I did anything on this site. I wrote about something in the lounge...about history and stuff and thats about it. I have just a ton of school, especially because the year is ending soon. Welp, see you soon


Vacation was ok. I feel so tired. Now I only got 1 more day till I have to o back to school... ughhhh...


We got 4,000! That's pretty cool but it was a lot slower than it was before because I just haven't updated my page a lot. I had a bunch off schoolwork I had too do and I wasn't sure what else I could add to the page so I haven't been on neocities in while. I decorated the page for march so that's fun. I have to go on a vacation which is annoying (I like to stay in the house and be comfy instead of leaving). Anyways maybe I'll add something new but I don't know have a nice spring and ill see u later.


We got 3,000! I can only think about that strange Jonas Brothers song about the year 3,000 that I kept hearing everywhere for some reason. I haven't updated the page in a while cause it really is a lot of work and I was kinda burnt out from it, but I think i will add some new stuff.

I made a new page called YouTube Oddities which features strange videos I found online. I enjoy finding old videos nobody remebers or watched because they can be pretty funny or interesting. Comment your own strange videos you find..nothing scary tho. I should have written something about books in the writing lounge soon...hopefully i will.

status:just chillin

I found these uh somewhere. It is nice

Things I like

I will update this page with more awesome stuff, check back im learning and finding new things online
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