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History in the internet age | 4/11/2021

You might know that when Geocities shut down in 2009, a bunch of people tried to perserve as many websites as the could. You might also remember that when flash shut down this year there had been many people making huge collections of these games. This begs the question though, how important does something have to be to be perserved in history? Sure Geoities is historical, but what makes one person's website equally as needed to be saved as everyone elses? What's the point of including some random flash game only 5 people probably liked in a giant collection among popular games? Maybe it is because they are equally important. Maybe we realize now that the mundane things in are lives will be more and more cherished as time progressess. I also think it comes down to how personalized the internet is. We all experience a variety of media of the internet, some more popular than others, that we find great meaning in. THis is why we can't just pick and choose the meaningful to save because it is all meaningful to someone. The internet in a way has democratized history.

The internet and books | 2/24/2021

So we have to find a book to independently read in class...and I only remembered when the teacher gave an assignment that was to share what book we were supposed to be reading. So I was hunting down books to read by searching online and that's when you realize how many books exist ( a lot). It's taken me like a week but I think I wanna read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. The problem is that thanks to covid I don't know if libraries work the same and it's not like I am an avid reader so a rarely visit the library. Our school library doesn't even have the book anyways!

All this thinking about books's like shouldn't their be some kinda internet library where I can just read whatever book I want online. That would be great...maybe it already exists so let me know. It's a lot harder to get into books than it is other mediums because not many people talk about it and like it's not really an easy thing to find on the internet.

Old Updates


Hope Everyone is having a fantastic weekend! Made a page for blogs and old updates called the writing lounge. I'm also able to comment now so that's cool. Watching more of TAWOG made me realize that the seasons 1 and 2 are more like a family show, where gumball and darwin act like children and do kid stuff. The new episodes make them less like that. Though that hotdog episode was extremely funny!


I will make an Blog and old updates page soon trust me...Had school again today but I'll try to make something new for the page. I will be able to comment soonso that is cool. Been thinkin about making a page for old/strange/funny/obscure youtube videos cause it's something I like.

Having a hot chocolate and I hope you all do the same and relax this friday.


Hey yous Thanks for over 2,000 views and thank u to my 12 followers. I had to go back to school and it was pretty boring... I feel pretty tired so I probably wont make anything new for this page until saturday. Still gonn update the song stuff.


Oh MY goddddd... That music page took a while cause I had to download all that album artwork (and it isn't even that much art) But It's pretty much done and I'm super happy about it! It will have a song of the day and maybe an album review if I get around to one.

Also decided to change the placement of the links to new pages. Now the icons are in a row and if you hover over one with your mouse it will tell you where it leads. And It's easier to see the preview boxes...idk if anyones doing this but the iframes at the top are meant as previews and not for you to look through the web page in...

It seems CN said that a TAWOG movie is in development just 2 hours ago..guess I should catch up. Good thing we get more gumball!

Still got no school so which has helped me grow this webpage cuz I got so much time. I should probably make a blog and updates page so this section doesn't become too flooded with updates. Also I seem to be nearing another 1,000 views which is pretty crazy :0. Thank you peeps for checking this page out! With Love, me.


Hey guys! I just wanna thank everyone for getting my page to over 1,000 views. It is awesome! Also I have added a page about The Amazing World of Gumball and It looks pretty cool. It's got a main page and a page featuring some characters. I got a star background similar to the one in the show. I still don't have school due to a bunch of crazy winter weather so yeah I will add something new maybe? Remember to stay happy and safe today!


I can't comment because I havent been here longer than a week but I just wanna thank user purplehello98 for saying my site was cool. Your site is cool too! Also happy President's Day! I'm feeling pretty good because I got no school today so I can be on neocities and maybe add something also cool on my page.

I have added some more dolphins on the dolphin page!

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