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What is The Amazing World Of Gumball?
The Amazing World of Gumball was an animated comedy show that played on Cartoon Network. It was about the day-to-day adventures of Gumball, a blue cat kid, and his best friend and adopted brother Darwin, a goldfish. They attended middle school in the fictional town of Elmore, California where they meet other strange people. Two interesting facts about the show is that 1. It was produced by the development studio in Europe which is different as it seems most shows came from America at the time. Also interesting to see how Britain (Europe) their version of America for the show. And 2. The show uses a variety of styles of animation in the show. Wikipedia states they're "traditional animation, puppetry, CGI, stop motion, Flash animation, live-action, etc." You can go watch the show on Hulu if you want. Also the acronym TAWOG stands for The Amazing World of Gumball if you didn't catch on.
Gumball confused So why do you like this? Mainly I have a found nostalgia for the show. I have actually only watched like the first 2 seasons recenty, since that's the ones I remebered the most. Gumball and Darwin are just children and the old episodes seem to reflect real childhood. They have a makeshift boardgame, they make dumb videos, they have a loving and quirky family, and they seem pretty optimistic about their life. There's also little details you can pick up about them such as how their family is in the lower middle class and that it seems Gumball and Darwin don't have any other friends besides themselfs at school. Of course when they do meet someone they turn out to be pretty crazy so...

The artsyle of the show is phenomenal. Apperently designs for the characters were based on rejected mascots which means the show is kinda about rejected designs living together. I loooove Gumball's cuter season 1 look. For some reason in the newer episodes they changed his pupils to be more like dots instead of the rounded rectangle look but eh whatever. His eyes add to his childlike look. The mixed media style of the 3d backrounds and the 2d charecters look smooth. The world is seemingly always bright and sunny and the wide variety of character designs influences the designers in the world such as seen on posters in the school.

And the last reason is It can get really funny sometimes. It's got the humor I like. For example, in the episode The Sock, Gumball and Darwin have to keep going back to the counselor to learn about honesty because they can't seem to understand and the counselor becomes more and more frustrated to the point were he just want's them to stop talking. Honestly, I'm not really good at describing how it's funny but it just is.

So yeah that's my reasoning for why I love this show so much!
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