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Album Review

Toro y Moi - Underneath the Pine (Instrumentals)
The album Underneath The Pine was created by Toro y Moi (real name Chaz Bear) in 2011. It was a mixture of pop, psychidelic, indie, and some rnb and was grouped in the Chillwave movement of 2009-2011. Chillwave is pretty cool even though everyone makes fun of it for "dying" so quickly. Artists like Toro y Moi showed that it was just about making good music.

Now it's 2021 and they decided to put out the instrumental version of Underneath The Pine. This is actually the first time I have fully listened through one of their albums...n-no I wasn't lazy I just was listening to other different things. I listened to this instrumental albums and it feels sooo good! The music is so smooth and relaxing. I haven't driven with music much but I might be able to with this album because it's just a perfect set of tunes that can be appreceated in the background or by listening directly.

Though the other reason I love this is the premise. He just decided to release the instrumentals of an album he put out about a year ago, that's great fan service and also just really cool. I wish there were more bands that put out just the instrumentals of their albums. It's a great way to hear a different perspective on the music you listen to.
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Music and Me

So what music do you like? I like most types of music but the main stuff I like would be:

Alt Rock, Indie, and Electronic music!

So probably most of the stuff I post will relate to that... but I do like that 90's and 2000's nostalgia stuff too so don't worry :D.

I feel that whenever I listen to music I hope it makes me feel something or as if i'm in a certain aesthetic. I will usually find music using Apple Music or just on Youtube. Sometimes from other people that recommend albums.
My Favorite Albums and Artists!

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Oneohtrix Point Never (electronic/experimental)

Boards Of Canada (electronic/downtempo)

Death Cab For Cutie (indie/alternative)

American Football (emo/indie)


The Postal Service/My Bloody Valentine/BT

Broadcast/Candy Claws/Sweet Trip
Check out my music Even though I haven't posted a song in like a year and it's the music isn't really that good... :(

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